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Sous Vide The Chefs Choice is a collection of recipes that some of our favourite chefs have chosen to share with us to demonstrate how they use the sous vide technique in their own kitchens! What a rare treat!

With recipes that range from salads to street food, elaborate mains to easy every day dishes and even desserts we hope you will find many of the recipes in this book will become staples in your own collection.

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Sous Vide The Chef’s Choice allows readers the opportunity to see how sous vide is used in professional kitchens across the UK. With recipes from Chris Holland, Ernst Van Zyl, Jeremy Ford, Jon Howe, Galton Blackiston, Greg Anderson, Mark Greenaway, Paul Heathcote, Regis Crepy, Scott Davies, Sean Sutton, Simon Boyle and Steve Smith the book takes you step by step through some of the recipes from the featured chef’s own collections and gives a unique insight into how they incorporate sous vide into their own dishes.

Packed full of recipes for Salads, fish, meats and desserts you will see how considered use of the sous vide technique can enhance dishes and how when combined with other techniques you can elevate a dish to perfection!

No longer perceived as just a technique for fine dining our chefs are using the precision and consistency of sous vide to create amongst other things perfect salads, simple suppers, show stopping desserts and tasty street food style dishes.

All of the dishes are accompanied by easy to follow step by step instructions along with a difficulty rating and this book has been created so that there are recipes that will appeal to both our home and professional chefs.

A perfect book for once you have grasped the basics of sous vide cooking and are looking to take things to the next level!

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