Au Natural RESTAURANT Charcoal HEX BINCHO Briquettes- 10KG Box **FREE DELIVERY**

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Restaurant Grade Hardwood Pini Kay Hex Bincho Charcoal Briquettes – 10kg box.

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Product Description

Looking for the best way to grill with charcoal? These awesome Au Natural Hardwood Restaurant Grade Pini Kay Briquettes are the answer. These renewable briquettes burn up to two times longer than traditional charcoal briquettes, meaning you require less replenishing, and loose less heat when grilling.

Cleanup is a breeze as theres very little ash produced when burning these briquettes. 100% Natural with no binders made from 100% renewable and responsibly sourced waste wood. Central Hole to aid the air flow, easy to light and long lasting and high heat output.

Sit back and relax as the Hardwood Briquette Charcoal does the work for you. These briquettes provide a superb heat transfer and consistent temperature. They are also almost smoke free, odourless and flameless. You add the flavour to your food through seasoning, marinating, or using your choice of smoking chips, chunks, planks, or pellets.

Ideal for every type of charcoal grilling, Hardwood Briquette Charcoal by Big K are perfect for a quick char grilled burger, or the long and low smoke. So why not get some today and start grilling.

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