Jamie Oliver Essential Heat Beads Style Coconut BBQ Briquettes 10kg **SPECIAL OFFER**

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Get ready to fire up your grill and embark on a flavour-packed BBQ adventure with Jamie Oliver’s Essential BBQ Briquettes!

Packed in a convenient 2.5 kg bag, these briquettes are your secret weapon for turning any barbecue into a sizzling success.

Say goodbye to boring grilling sessions and hello to epic flavour with Jamie Oliver’s must-have BBQ briquettes!

Natural – Sustainable – No Additives or Chemicals – CO2 Neutral

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Product Description

Jamie Oliver Essential BBQ Briquettes 2.5 kg are totally natural being made from 100% coconut shells, which are held together by a tapioca starch binder making them odourless, free from additives and chemicals making them a natural, cleaner and more sustainable alternative to charcoal as they are CO2 neutral. They are easy to light giving the performance to cook for up to 160 minutes at a temperature above 180C!

Key Features:

  • Long-Lasting BBQ Bliss: These briquettes are designed for hours of grilling enjoyment, so you can keep the party going without worrying about running out of fuel.
  • Quick and Easy Ignition: With a reliable ignition time, you won’t be stuck waiting around when the hunger strikes.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Say goodbye to unevenly cooked food. Jamie’s briquettes ensure that your steaks, burgers, and veggies are grilled to perfection every time.
  • Clean and Smoke-Free: Nobody wants a smoky BBQ disaster! These briquettes are clean burning, so you can enjoy mouth-watering aromas without the hassle of excessive smoke.
  • Jamie Oliver Approved: Trust the expert! These briquettes are Jamie Oliver’s choice for his legendary BBQ recipes, ensuring that your grilled creations are worthy of a chef’s seal of approval.

Packed in handy 2.5 kg paper bags, they are ideal for everyday!

This offer includes 4 x 2.5 kg bags.

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