SousVideTools® Vesta 410 Vacuum Sealer

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Increase the shelf life of your most popular foods with this SousVideTools® Vesta 410 Vacuum Sealer!

This vacuum sealer effectively removes air from products like meat, cheese, and vegetables to extend their freshness longer than normal preservation methods. Plus, its 406mm seal bar allows for leak proof seals for up to 2 bags at one time. Once bags are properly in place the powerful double-piston pump will create a fast and efficient vacuum. It also includes a built-in liquid separation container, so any excess liquids don’t damage the machine.

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Product Description

Preserve the freshness of your most popular foods and increase their shelf life with the SousVideTools® Vesta 310 Vacuum Sealer! You can use this unit to create an airtight seal around meats, cheeses, and vegetables, extending their freshness and taste longer than other preservation methods, saving you money. The SousVideTools® Vesta 410 Vacuum Sealer features a 410mm sealing bar with a 5mm thick seal, and a powerful dual piston pump, which quickly creates tight seals within seconds, making this efficient machine a time saver for your establishment.

A built-in cooling fan regulates internal temperatures to prevent overheating, thus allowing for extended usage periods. You can adjust the machine’s seal time between 0-6 seconds as well, which is useful for creating appropriate seals depending on how full your bags are. If your bags are filled at capacity, you’ll want a longer seal time to create a solid seal, but smaller loads will require only a couple of seconds. These units can also be used to marinate your food, as they include a pulse and accessory function when using canisters (sold separately).

It also includes a built-in liquid separation container, so any excess liquids don’t damage the machine. This particular machine also features a convenient marinating function, helping to prepare the product by infusing it with delicious flavours that your guests will love! Select this option, adjust the packaging settings, cancel a task, or just monitor the time left by referring to the control panel.

*Please note, this type of vacuum sealer requires the use of embossed bags/pouches/rolls.

Main Features:

  • Impulse function for manual vacuum control to preserve fragile and delicate food
  • Featuring manual cycle function, to prevent fragile food from being squashed
  • Completely automatic cycle and a manual cycle for delicate foods
  • Cycle to create vacuum in containers
  • Sealing in progress indicator
  • Professional performance with double pump
  • Professional aluminium sealing bar
  • Create marinations in the SousVideTools® 2.5 Litre Aeration Vacuum Canister
  • 406mm Sealing Bar (5mm Thick Seal)
  • Nominal pump flowrate: 10 l/min
  • Vacuum Pump: Hg -0,82 bar -11.9 PSI
  • Dimensions: 145(H)x 540(W)x 275(D)mm
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Weight: 6.4kg
  • Plug fitted: Yes

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