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There is wonderment in cooking sous vide – in the ease & precision (salmon cooked at 123 degrees versus 120 degrees!) & the capacity to cook a piece of meat (or glaze carrots, or poach lobster) uniformly.

This book shows you how to cook sous vide in airtight vacuum pouches & cook at low temperatures!

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‘Under Pressure’- Thomas Keller shows how sous vide – involving packing food in sealed plastic pouches and cooking slowly at low heat – and how this achieves levels of precision and flavour that other cooking methods simply cannot match!

For instance, steaks that are cooked to a perfect medium rare from top to bottom and edge to edge, or meltingly tender medium rare ribs which haven’t lost an ounce of their flavour to the sauce. Fish, with its very small window of perfect cooking time, is so much easier to get ‘just right’, and salmon develops a more voluptuous texture when cooked at low temperatures.

Fruit and vegetables benefit too, retaining vivid colour and remarkable texture.

Sous vide cooking really is a revelation – be it the remarkable difference between salmon cooked at 123 degrees as opposed to 120 degrees, or the ability to cook a piece of meat (or glaze carrots, or poach lobster) absolutely uniformly throughout.

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