Robata Rack Kasai Konro (For Little Kasai Grill)

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These new Robata Racks take cooking on a Little Kasai Grill to a new level.

Rather than just controlling the temperature on the Kasai Grill, you can now adjust the distance between the food and the heat, allowing you to rest and cook a variety of different ingredients all at once!

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Product Description

These new Robata Racks for the Kasai Grills are a game changer for the charcoal connoisseur! It takes these grills to a whole new level and allows it to go from being a piece of equipment that is used for a small number of ingredients at a time, to one you can now focus the full menu around. The Robata Rack easily fits onto your existing Kasai Grill with no additional fittings required.

When cooking on these Robata racks, the idea is initially to get the charcoal as scorching hot as possible and then to keep the coals constantly glowing. Things which need to be crisped up and like it hot, (meat and vegetables for example) will then be cooked directly over the coals, while the middle and upper levels are perfect for light smoking and slower cooks.

There is also the three tier approach where meats can be charred to perfection at base level, lifted up to cook through and then lifted higher to rest. The height of the 2 stainless steel shelves can then be further adjusted to ensure the ideal temperature and space between the shelves for your cooking needs.

The top of the Robata rack is ideal for resting foods, as it doesn’t have lots of heat, with the middle shelf being perfect for slow cooking large cuts of meat.

Just like the other Kasai Grills, these Robata Racks come in a stylish brushed stainless steel finish, that is dishwasher safe, and includes 2 additional shelves for cooking at different heights, that can be easily removed. As the shelves use the same mesh as the Kasai Grills, additional shelves can be purchase easily by buying new Kasai mesh.

Whilst we love cooking on bincho, the flexibility of the Robata rack means you experiment with other fuels than just charcoal. You could use it as a wood fired Kasai for a different flavour, or a combination of wood and charcoal. How about a menu that centres around an oak-charcoal robata, which is used to slow-roast squashes and cauliflowers throughout the afternoon and to bring a crunchy crust to slabs of meat on the bone.

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