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Al fresco cooking and dining is becoming ever more popular and with a variety of outdoor cooking methods available the choice of what to eat is almost endless. This Milwaukee Offset BBQ Smoker is a real eye catcher which will enable you to cook new and exciting dishes.

This Western style smoker provides a variety of different cooking possibilities. You can cook in the traditional BBQ way, directly over a hot bed of coals or to smoky perfection in the smoke of a wood fire. By burning wood in the smaller, lower lying chamber, smoke builds up and is drawn into the cooking chamber where your food is located. It is then cooked slowly at a low temperature of between 80° and 130°C whilst it is infused with smoky flavour.

With the lid’s built in thermometer, you can easily monitor the cooking temperature. The food cooks evenly on all sides, retaining its natural juices. Different woods create new and exciting flavours. You can control the intensity of the smoke by adjusting the vents and you don’t have to a be a professional to achieve delicious smoked food results! Due to the low cooking temperature, the food cannot burn and hardly needs to be turned. In addition to smoking, you can also grill food in the cooking chamber using the indirect cooking, a method favoured by BBQ gourmets. This is where food lies in an enclosed space, and not directly above the flame.

This Milwaukee BBQ Smoker benefits from a table in front of the main chamber. Mounted on a trolley with two large wheels, means that you can move this BBQ around your garden with ease.  Serve the taste of the Wild West at your next garden party – delight your family and friends with the rustic flavour of smoked food from the Milwaukee Offset BBQ Smoker!


  • Incredibly high quality, thick gauge steel
  • Huge cooking grill and enamel grids
  • Trolley mounted, with two large steel wheels
  • Heat resistant finish to a max. 350°C
  • Built in thermometer
  • Main Barrel is 104cm Long x 45cm Diameter – Cooking Surface 97cm x 44cm
  • Smoker Box is 48cm Long x 45cm Diameter – Cooking Surface 41cm x 39cm
  • Overall length is 170cm including the handle on the left

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