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The BBQube grill and heater for your outdoor kitchen allows you to build the BBQube into your own outdoor kitchen design!

This BBQube comes with a 2-wheeled base for easy manoeuvrability.

Made In Britain!

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Product Description

BBQube & Log Store perfectly compliments your BBQube. Made from the same sturdy steel with anti-corrosion finish, it easily connects to the side of BBQube giving you a stylish and convenient log store from which to fuel your fire.

Made In Britain!

Key Features:

  • Sturdy Steel construction
  • Anti-corrosion finish
  • Highly manoeuvrable on 4 braked castor wheels
  • Stainless steel side shelf included
  • Digital furnace thermometer
  • Black colour

Durable For Years To Come:

A well-maintained HeatQube guarantees enduring reliability, offering a secure heat source and adaptable cooking options for an extended period. Beyond exceptional performance and environmental standards, the HeatQube is backed by a 5-year Guarantee. As with all HeatQube products, the collection is meticulously engineered to the highest technical standards using premium-grade materials.

Environmental Preservation:

The strategic air supply design leads to significantly reduced smoke production compared to other solid fuel outdoor heating devices. Through a short flue pipe, the minimal smoke that does arise is directed away from the unit and its surroundings, meaning less smoke on clothes.

Efficient Heating:

Operating akin to a wood-burning stove, the heater employs a single lever to regulate airflow into the chamber, thus determining the heat output. With a glass door facilitating easy refuelling, the mesmerising glow of the flames however, remains consistently visible.

Versatile Cooking:

A pair of discreet doors are cleverly designed to protect the chef from the heat of the fire and the glass from grease splashes. These doors can then be put into the open position for an uninterrupted view of the fire in heat-mode. The combustion technology harnessed from our indoor wood-burning stoves has been ingeniously adapted, affording an unparalleled degree of temperature control tailor made for barbecues.

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