Globaltic Gourmet Grade 100% Natural 10kg OAK Charcoal in a Box *FREE Delivery*

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With a burning time of 980 sec/cm3, This amazing Oak charcoal lasts a little longer than regular charcoal. One bag of this beautiful charcoal product ensures more cooking time than regular charcoal.

The beautiful oak wood is sourced from Ukrainian forests, it’s the very best material for producing charcoal. It boasts truly unique heat resistance, giving a low content of ash and big lumps. Also, because of its natural structure it will not give any unwanted flavours when burned, unlike all other types of wood used for charcoal production which can leave a sooty, or chemical taste..

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Product Description

Top notch Charcoal, some of the best we’ve used… from THE BBQ Experts!.. Boxed and ready to ship

‘Exclusive Grade’ Oak Hardwood, Lump-Wood Charcoal – 10kg

Exclusive quality, gourmet grade oak-wood lump charcoal – the best we’ve tried and its 100% Natural!

Get the true authentic barbecue taste. These are tasty lumps of the very best coal.

No harmful elements are released during storage or usage. Raw material is procured exclusively from environmentally responsible suppliers.

The packaging is fully biodegradable and made by using natural glue and paper. The Producers of our Oak Charcoal ensure the quality of every bag that leaves the production site. Every piece is 80-150 mm in diameter.

This coal only produces 3% ash compared to 10% in regular charcoal.

**note this is re-boxed into cardboard boxes for easier shipping**

*Scottish Highlands and Northern Island subject to additional Shipping Chargers*

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